Alpinestars launches its New 2016 Motorcycle Collection

Alpinestars continues to deliver the latest in performance technology, class-leading protection and cutting-edge material construction methods with the launch of its new 2016 Motorcycle Collection.

The 2016 Technical Motorcycle Collection introduces a range of innovative products for men and women that strengthens Alpinestars’ presence in every category of riding and delivers superior levels of safety, comfort and performance.

The Media Kit has full technical specifications for all the products in the Alpinestars 2016 Motorcycle Collection, together with rights-free high-resolution images. For any further requests please contact:

corozal ds boot
multi air xcr boot
oscar rayburn shoe
parlour ds shoe
super touring boot
vulk wp shoe
ast wp pant
copper denim pant
cordoba jacket
crank denim pant
daisy womens denim
durban gtx jacket
durban gtx pant
edward ds overcoat
enforce ds jacket
ethan ds parka
isabel ds jacket
motion ds jacket
pikes ds jacket
protean ds pant
radon ds pant
riffs denim pant
riley womens denim
stella protean ds pant
stella valparaiso 2 jacket
stella valparaiso 2 pant
tech layer top
valparaiso 2 jacket
valparaiso 2 pant
winston city jacket
apex ds glove
c1 windstopper glove
c5 ds glove
c10 ds glove
c20 ds glove
corozal ds glove
isabel ds glove
jet road gtx glove
m56 ds glove
polar gtx glove
portland ds glove
rover st ds glove
sr3 ds glove
stella c1 windstopper glove
stella sr3 glove
stella wrv glove
warden glove
wr1 gtx glove
wrv gtx glove
neo moto glove
force backpack
orbit backpack
stella valparaiso for tech air